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George E. Morris operating the hoist at the Landsburg coal mine, 1953.





PCCC’s historic P & H 150 shovel, used to surface mine coal during the 1950’s.




George Morris with ‘Captain Birdie’ in front of Morris livery staple, Wilkeson early 1900’s.






John Skulas and Don Manson shovel coal inside the Landsburg mine, February 1953.



George E. Morris, ‘Bychan’ George Morris, Evan Morris at a Ravensdale coal yard, 1951.




Bill Petchnick operates a dragline shovel on Franklin Hill, circa 1975



Lew McCauley, Joe Ozbolt, John Costanich, George Savicke at Rogers No. 3 mine, circa 1974.




The Fulton coal mine, a combined underground and surface operation on the #12 seam near Franklin, mid 1950’s.



Roy Darby operating the hoist at the Rogers No. 3 mine, circa 1974







Bill Kombol and John Costanich loading dynamite at the Rogers No. 3 coal mine, circa 1974.



Jack A. Morris standing beside a Caterpillar D-8 bulldozer in 1955.





Frank Manowski operating the cable hoist to send shale to a slag pile at Mine #11 in Black Diamond, circa 1975.



The Landsburg coal bunkers on the Summit-Landsburg Road in    Ravensdale, December 28, 1939.



Bob Morris operating an electric mule underground at Rogers No. 3 coal mine, November 1974




A scene from a documentary “South by Northwest” shot at PCCC’s Mine #11, July 1975.






Barry Kombol at the picking table of Rogers No. 3 mine, 1975




Surface coal mine on Franklin hill at the Fulton #12 coal seam, February 1951.





Dave Evans, Dave Manson and Roy Coutts n the Landsburg underground coal mine, circa early 1950’s




The founders of Palmer Coking Coal Co. gather with family members at the Morris Brothers Coal Mining Co. picnic on July 16, 1933 at Deep Lake.





The program from the Morris Bros. Miner’s picnic held on July 16, 1933 at Deep Lake.





A group photo of the miner’s picnic held on July 16, 1933 at Deep Lake.






PCCC founder, John H. Morris, fourth row in middle, being lowered into the Spiketon mine near Wilkeson, circa 1916.  He is accompanied by two of his brothers, his future wife and two future sister-in-laws.



Roy Danielson, John H. Morris, Tom Dobson, Carl Roche, unknown, unknown, inside the Landsburg mine, Big seam, early 1950’s.





Palmer Coking Coal Company founder, John Henry Morris (1894-1973).




Jack Kombol operating a dragline shovel at the McKay surface coal mine on Franklin hill, circa 1977.




Miners at the Rogers No. 3, the last underground mine in the state of Washington.  Front row: Joe Ozbolt (kneeling), Bo Williams, John Costanich (kneeling), Tony Basselli, Bill McLoughry; Back row: Bob Morris, Bill Kombol, Barry Kombol, George Savicke, Bud Simmons, Roy Darby, circa 1975.



The revolving coal tipple of the Cannon mine in Franklin, circa 1913.



Keith Timm Sr. steam cleaning his 1951 Ford dump truck at PCCC’s Mine #11 preparation plant in Black Diamond circa 1952.



George Morris (1856-1934) and Mary Ann Williams (1860-1934) were born in Wales and immigrated to the U.S. around 1881.  They eventually came to Wilkeson where many of their eleven children were born.





Family members founded the South Willis Coal Mining Co., and Morris Brothers Coal Mining Co. which was eventually absorbed into Palmer Coking Coal Company founded on August 14, 1933.




Joshua Morris came to Renton in 1879 to mine coal.  He was a party to the discovery of the McKay seam of coal in 1880.  Joshua’s daughter Nina Marie Morris married the founder of PCCC, John H. Morris.




Carl Falk, office manager of PCCC, circa 1975.





Harold Lloyd, Archie Eltz, Frank Merritt, and Carl Falk working at Mine #11, August 1949.



Chet Newell operating a D-8 cat exploring for coal near Ravensdale, August 1954.





Dewey Jennings with PCCC’s 1936 Chevrolet truck at the Durham coal bunkers.

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