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              SAND PRODUCTS

*        Screened Sand

*        Washed Sand

*        Arena Sand

*        Golf Course sand

*        60-40 Sand

*        Clay Liner (gray clay)



ARENA SAND:  Our coarsest sand is Arena Sand, with some particles the size of pea gravel to granolithic.  While it is called sand, please be advised that some of this product (the pea gravel and granolithic) is of a size quite larger than what most people consider sand to be.  Arena Sand is often used in horse arenas.  However, there is a wide difference of opinion as to what’s best in a particular arena, depending upon whether it’s covered or uncovered, and what is best for your horses to use.  So, it is wise to examine the look, size, and feel of the Arena Sand product before you buy


SCREENED SAND:  Screened, but not washed, is the operative description for our biggest selling sand product.  Screened Sand is smaller in size than Arena Sand, but larger in size than Washed Sand.  It does not have the big particles like Arena Sand, but does have some of the clay fines (less than 5% as measured on the #200 sieve screen) that are typically cleansed from the Washed Sand.  Screened Sand is used to bed pipe and has a wide range of other uses in the construction and landscaping  industries.  Screened sand is sometimes used in landscaping as a layer below topsoil.


WASHED SAND:  Washed Sand is similar to our Screened Sand, but this product has gone through a sand washing process, so most of the very fine clay  has been washed out.  The sand washing process yields a slightly different product during the dry summer months, than it does during the wet winter months, so there is some variance in the sieve size screen analysis between “summer” Washed Sand and “winter” Washed Sand.  Both are a medium sized sand, washed free of most fines.  Many customers like washed sand between pavers.



GOLF COURSE SAND:  Golf Course Sand is silica-type sand similar to washed sand, but slightly finer and golden yellow in color. It is sometimes used in the bunkers of golf course sand traps, hence its name.  When it comes to hues and shades, the exact color of any product is often in the eye of the beholder, so please examine the Golf Course Sand to make sure it is the color that you expect.  For more information on this product please see our information sheet: Golf Course Sand.




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TBS Features

¨      Durable, high purity silica sand - 90% SiO2

¨      Natural look, attractive color, no glare; photographs and televises beautifully

¨      Desirable and consistent ball-lie

¨      Harmonizes with organic debris; keeps it's good looks long term

¨      Drains well; freshens up with minimal care

¨      Contains no weed seeds or contaminants

¨      Long term and reliable supply source

  TBS Particle Size Distribution
(Dry Screen Analysis)

10 2.00 <1% £ 3%
18 1.00 6% £ 7% to 10%
35 0.50 35% At least 60%
particles in this range
60 0.25 47%
100 0.15 10% 20% Maximum
270 0.05 1.8% 5% Maximum
Pan Pan 0.2% 5% Maximum

The typical mean sizes do not represent a specification. The information herein is correct to the best of our knowledge.  We disclaim any warranties as to the accuracy of the information presented and the buyer shall make his own determination as to the suitability of the product for the buyer's purpose.

60–40 PRESSURE-GROUTING SAND:  This screened sand is a blend of two different sand sources.  It’s very fine size means it can be easily pumped, leading to uses in pressure grouting or slab-jacking.  PCCC’s 60-40 sand has been used in dozens of highway, freeway and stabilization projects where quality pressure-grouting sand is needed for shoring.  Slab-jacking companies also like the characteristics of this sand.  Call for a list of project references.


CLAY LINER: Our Clay Liner is not really sand, but it does contain about 20-30% sand-sized particles.  This product packs extremely well, creating a low permeability liner for ditches and ponds.  When properly handled and place, our Clay liner packs to a concrete like consistency.



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