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Palmer sells traditional medium and fine grind Beauty bark, Mini Pebbles, Cedar play chips, Compost, Moo-Doo and Nutra-Mulch.  All products are available on a U-haul or we deliver basis.  Our minimum U-haul load is one cubic yard.  We can deliver any size load, but a 10, 12 or 15 cubic yard delivery is the most cost effective option for the home consumer.


Beauty bark is an important maintenance component for many landscape designs.  Traditional beauty bark is manufactured from the bark of fir and hemlock trees.   

  • Medium grind beauty bark is shredded to a slightly larger size and reddish-brown in color.  It is our most popular beauty bark


  • Fine grind beauty bark is shredded to a smaller size and darker in color.  Fine beauty bark is a component in Nutra-Mulch


  • Mini Pebbles are fine bark pieces screened 1/4 to 9/16 to remove most fine particles.  Mini Pebbles are reddish-brown in color and look great around small plants and shrubs.


  • Cedar play chips are traditionally used as a ground cover for play areas, though they can also be a design component of your overall landscaping.  Play chips are often used in dog runs.  Cedar chips are larger in size and typically of a white/yellow/amber hue.


Compost is manufactured by area composters from yard waste and organic materials such as leaves, grass clippings, brush, and chipped wood debris.  This natural, organic material is typically composted at 130 F to destroy weed seeds and plant pathogens.  Compost is blackish in color.  In addition to selling pure compost, Palmer also mixes varying amounts of the same compost into our Four-way mix topsoil, our 50%-50% Sand-Compost mix topsoil, and into Nutra-Mulch.


Moo-Doo is organic compost locally manufactured from the dairy cows of the Hy-Grass Farm in Enumclaw.  Moo-Doo is an environmentally friendly, all natural soil amendment, mulch, and fertilizer.  Composts such as Moo-Doo enrich the soil and help regenerate poor soils through the production of beneficial micro-organisms and can even help suppress plant diseases and pests.  It can be applied directly to vegetable gardens, flower beds, shrubs, trees, hanging baskets or house plants.


Nutra-Mulch is 50% fine beauty bark and 50% compost.  Nutra-Mulch not only suppresses weed growth but through the beneficial soil-food web it nourishes soil and enables plants to thrive.  Evaporation is minimized which helps to retain soil moisture meaning less watering.  For best results, apply 3 4 inches thick, keeping it shallow next to the trunks of trees or shrubs.  It can serve as either a ground cover or a soil amendment.



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