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Every product that Palmer Coking Coal Company sells is available on a U-Haul or we deliver basis. Pick-up trucks and tow trailers are welcome. We also offer attractive dumptruck pricing for larger quantities.

If you need delivery to your home or job site, please give us a call. While 10 and 12 cubic yard loads are the optimum delivery sized load, we can also deliver smaller quantities, although the price per unit is somewhat higher. Please call us for all of your delivery needs.

 Palmer Coking Coal Company’s ordinary and usual low-cost delivery charges are predicated on a quick and timely “deliver / dump / spread / collect / leave” service.  Customers who need extra or special services are charged accordingly.  The following is a list of special services offered.  Please call for a price quote on any of these services. 

Single Dump or Single Spread:  This standard service is included in the delivered price.  When the dump truck arrives at the customer’s site, the product can be dumped in a single pile or can be spread.  Spreading involves attaching chains to the dump box tailgate so that a measured amount of gravel comes out as the dump truck moves forward.  The spread thickness is determined by the width the spreader chains are set and the rate of speed that the dump truck moves forward.  There are a number of factors that can influence the success of the spread including overhead wires, tree limbs and branches, roof overhangs, turning radius, tight spaces, necessary starts and stops, the steepness of the spread area, the slope of the traveled surface, the existing site condition as related to the surface’s firmness, traction, and levelness, equipment appropriateness, weather conditions, and any number of other on-site factors to be determined by the driver.  There are many situations where spreading is impractical or cannot be accomplished to the customer’s satisfaction.  Our driver will attempt to disclose the risk factors of the proposed spread and do the best job possible within the confines and conditions of the site and the desired result.  Some variance in the spread thickness as well as small piles of the spread product is to be expected.  Certain “sticky” products such as clay or topsoil; particularly fine grained products such as sand; or large or inconsistent products such as pit run gravel are not conducive to even or effective spreads.

 Saturday Delivery: An extra charge per load is typically charged for deliveries made on Saturdays.

 Multiple Dumps or Multiple Spreads:  A multiple dump (i.e. split dump) or a multiple spread involves more than two dumps or spreads at different locations on a nearby property.

 Split Load:  Multiple products loaded onto the same dump truck   Please note that when different products are loaded on the same dump truck, some  mixing of the products usually occurs during loading and dumping.  A split load is only recommended when the customer can tolerate some limited product mixing. Split loads are charged at the price of the higher priced  product for similarly priced products or weighed separately for products with a wide variance in price.

 “Split Track” Driveway Spread:  A wooden block is placed in the center dump portion of the box of the truck.  When the gravel comes out of the dump box, the spread gravel mainly flows towards the sides and not the center.  The spread gravel is thus laid down thicker in the driveway’s main traveled section (i.e. the wheel lane ruts) with little gravel landing in the center or median section of the driveway.  “Split Track” spreads are a good idea when no additional gravel is needed in the center or median section of the driveway.  This type of spread can commonly extend the length of the spread and may be more cost effective for many customers.

 Same-Day Rush:  A “same day rush” is an order placed and expected to be delivered on the same day; when all delivery slots are filled and PCCC needs to either re-schedule deliveries or rent extra trucks to accommodate the “same-day rush” customer order.

 Short Loads or Small Loads: Our best, delivered prices are offered on standard 10 or 12 cubic yard (i.e. 12 – 16 ton) orders or loads.  However, we do offer competitive, small load or short load services calculated by multiplying the price of the product times the number of yards (or tons) ordered, plus our standard delivery fee.

 On-Site Standby Time:  Customers are allowed up to 10 minutes of truck standby time after the truck arrives on-site.  If the customer is not ready to have the product dumped or spread after we arrive on-site and instead asks our truck to wait or “standby”, a per minute fee will be charged to the customer.

Turn-back Fee:  If the customer refuses or is unable to take delivery after our truck has arrived on site with the product the customer ordered, a turn-back fee equal to the amount of the standard delivery fee will be charged to the customer. 





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