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Palmer Coking Coal Company, LLP thanks you for choosing Black Diamond’s finest topsoil.  Our specific blends* vary with the weather and manufacturing considerations such as rain and soil moisture.  Our well-blended topsoil is screened  to a 1/2” particle size, so there may be small pebbles.


Native soils and sandy loam form the basis of any good topsoil by providing aeration and helping to prevent excessive clumping.  This also allows for positive drainage.  The higher the sand content, the better the drainage.  The introduction of black silt soils and organic compost complements our fertile soil.  Our premium topsoils are rich in nutrients and dark in color, allowing for maximum absorption of the sun’s life-giving rays. Our topsoils are used extensively by some of the area’s finest landscape contractors. PCCC products are available to everyone on a U-haul or delivered basis.  We sell topsoil by the pick-up load, the dump truck, or we’ll deliver to your home or jobsite. 


*Three-Way Mix Topsoil:  Our three-way mix is composed of approximately 30-40% native topsoils, 30-40% sandy loams, and 10-20% silts and organic materials. The three-way mix topsoil is a basic mix of topsoil with less sand for drainage.  It is our least expensive topsoil.


*Four-Way Mix Topsoil:  Our four-way mix topsoil is similar to our three-way mix, but with added compost and better soils.  It is one of our premium topsoil products.


*GOLF COURSE MIX TOPSOIL:  A favorite with landscapers because of its high sand content, Golf Course Mix is a blend of 70% sand and 30% topsoil.  The high sand content makes this premium topsoil easy to spread and well drained.  Golf Course Mix topsoil is typically used below a sod-placed lawn or hydro-seeding.


*50%-50% Sand-Compost Mix:  Our 50-50 mix is 50% sand and 50% compost.  The sand enhances drainage while the compost is naturally enriching, resulting in a very fertile (i.e. “hot”), well-drained premium topsoil.


*NUTRA-MULCH:  This ground cover product is comprised of 50% fine beauty bark and 50% compost.  Nutra-Mulch not only suppresses weed growth but through the beneficial soil-food web it nourishes soil and enables plants to thrive. Evaporation is minimized which helps to retain soil moisture – meaning less watering!  For best results, apply 3 to 4 inches thick keeping it shallow next to the trunks of trees and shrubs.  It can serve as either a ground cover or a soil amendment.  It is another of our premium topsoil / groundcover products.  Nutra-Mulch is sold by the cubic yard.  


*Compost:  Palmer sells two different types of compost.  Cedar Grove Compost is manufactured from yard waste and organic materials such as leaves, grass clippings, brush, and chipped wood debris.  The organic material is typically composted at 130° F to destroy weed seeds and plant pathogens.  Moo-Doo is organic compost straight from the dairy fields of Enumclaw.  Both composts are blackish in color.  In addition to selling pure compost, Palmer also mixes varying amounts of compost into our premium topsoil mixes including four-way and 50%-50% Sand-Compost, and as part of our Nutra-Mulch ground cover.  Compost is sold by the cubic yard.
















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