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*        Pea Gravel

*        7/8” Drain Gravel

*        1-1/2” Drain Gravel

*        2” X 4” Round Rock

*        Screened Oversize Gravel


WASHED PEA GRAVEL:  As the name suggests, washed pea gravel is a clean washed product about the size of peas or small pebbles.  The pea sized gravel ranges in size from about 5/8” to 1/4”. Of our three washed drain gravels (pea gravel; 7/8”; 1-1/2”) pea gravel is the easiest to handle and packs the tightest with the fewest void spaces.  Many contactors use it to bed pipes or as an underlay for foundations or footings.  Because it is a washed drain gravel product, it is very permeable and allows water to freely pass through.




7/8” WASHED DRAIN GRAVEL:  We often refer to 7/8” washed drain gravel as being the size of marbles.  The product ranges in size from about 7/8” down to 5/8” gravel.  This product is excellent for backfilling trenches or behind walls to provide a free draining material.  Because it is slightly larger than pea gravel, it won’t pack as tight and thus has more void space and a greater permeability.


1-1/2” WASHED DRAIN GRAVEL:  This is our largest sized washed drain gravel, which we characterize as being like ping-pong balls.  This product ranges in size from about 1-1/2” down to 3/4”.  When used for drainage, 1-1/2” provides the most void space of our three washed drain gravel products and thus has the highest permeability of the three.  This product is often used for septic tank and  drain-field applications, but local regulations vary so make sure this product meets your contractor or inspector’s requirements.


2” X 4” ROUND:  This screened gravel consists of round and oblong shaped rocks in the 2” to 4” size range.  Though it is not washed, the only fines are those that are attached to the gravel and rocks.  Many customers like it for decorative purposes such as lining a ditch or a dry stream bed.  It will also work as a very coarse and permeable drain gravel.


SCREENED OVER-SIZE (S.O.S.):  This screened gravel product ranges in size from  2” up to about 8”.  With any large rock products, the exact size can be hard to measure due to the varying shapes of the rocks.  Like our 2” X 4” round, Screened Over-Size is a decorate gravel and rock product for landscaping purposes such as lining ditches or dry stream beds. 


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